St Patrick's & St Joseph's Day - Our Irish Soda Bread is the perfect compliment for your Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner. Delicately balanced flavors from Buttermilk, Vanilla Bean, Irish Whiskey, plump Raisins and Caraway seeds create this wonderful bread. You can also enjoy a traditional favorite St Joseph's Day pastry filled with either Custard or Cannoli cream and take home a loaf of freshly baked St Joseph's day bread in the shape of his staff!

Easter, Lent, & Passover - With the arrival of Spring, Lent, Passover and Easter bring out some of the best the Big Apple has to offer!Sweet Challah bread, Hot Cross Buns, our Polish Cinnamon, Cheese and Chocolate Babka's, Old World Italian favorites Pizza Rustica (Savory Meats and Cheeses) and Pizza Grain (Sweet Grain, Custard and Ricotta Pie), braided Sweet bread with Colored Eggs, Apple and Sponge cakes, Coconut Macaroons.

Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur - Celebrate the holidays with Breads and Cakes from our ovens to your dinner table. Honey Apple Cake and Marble Sponge cake, Coconut Macaroons, Braided and Round Raisin and plain Challah, Raspberry and Cinnamon Nut Rugalach.

Christmas & Hanukkah - Winter brings to us our favorite Holiday season! Baking at the Big Apple is full gear making all the desserts your family has grown to love since childhood. Bush de Noels, German Stollens, Fresh Apple Cakes, Mincemeat, Pumpkin and Coconut Custard Pies, Strufoli, Cranberry Raisin Orange Walnut Bread.



We only use dark semi sweet Chocolate, sweetened whipped cream, creamy custards and fresh seasonal fruits to create our European Pastries. We also serve up an American line of pastries made with seedless Raspberry filling, fresh roasted nuts, creamy Butter, pure Cream Cheese, and Cinnamon. Our pies are made from crisp farm fresh or high quality frozen fruits (never canned or manufactured fillings) based on the seasonal availability.


Fresh baked bread

Jewish and German Ryes, Italian and Semolina Breads and Rolls, Multi grain, Italian Wheat, Challah, Cinnamon Raisin Swirl, Kaiser and Ciabatta Rolls, Sesame Sicilian Twist



We use fresh eggs, creamy butter and high quality chocolates to produce our line of cakes. We specialize in spongecake for most of our products but also bake chocolate fudge cake, yellow layer cake and a sour cream cake for our tradtional crumbcakes.